Shadow Boards

Maximise your workspace safety with Shadow Boards by Graphic Image. Create custom visual management solutions for your factory or workplace.

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Shadow Boards

Custom made shadow boards for tools or cleaning stations instantly show when equipment is missing. Our tool shadow boards and cleaning stations are custom designed to show the specific range of equipment or PPE required. Keeping your workspace well organised  is important in the lean environment.

Shadow boards make for an effective and affordable way to ensure audit compliance storage of your equipment & tools. These boards keep your tools organised and clean while also making it easier to keep a check of inventories, and satisfy auditors and safety. All of which keeps you compliant, saving your company time and money.

Create a place for everything, making sure everything is in its place. Shadows are not limited to just tools or cleaning equipment, they can be used to quickly identify a wide range of missing items such as PPE or hardware and can be colour coded, reducing waste and time in motion.

  • Custom printed shadow boards
  • Wall mount and mobile solutions
  • Highly durable materials
  • Ideal for factory floors, offices, production lines or personal work spaces
  • Low minimum order
  • Fast turnaround

Our range of branded Shadow Boards includes: